About College

By the synergic efforts of many leading personalities of various sectors, Nepal Ayurveda Medical College & Teaching Hospital (NAMCTH) has been established at the heart of Birgunj, the second largest commercial city of Nepal bordering to India. NAMCTH is committed to provide quality and professional education to ensure that students are provided with all the necessary skills to cash every opportunity, face and overcome every challenge that come on their way. NAMCTH is fully managed by private sectors and promoted by many prominent personalities of Nepal representing doctors, academicians, administrators and business community. Our aim is to create a leading institute of Ayurvedic Education in Nepal. NAMCTH is well equipped with all the facilities and infrastructures backed by qualified faculty members.

NAMCTH emphasis on becoming the most prestigious and prolific institute of South Asia producing the best ayurvedic doctors for Nepal, south Asia and other countries as a whole.

Our Mission is to provide quality education with excellent learning environment to the students of Ayurvedic Medical Education.

NAMC Cultures are
Research and development
Explore potentials
Appetite to learn more
Discipline and monitoring system
Respect to teachers, students and patients
No politics in the college

NAMC Philosophy
Ayurvedic medicine and human are the creation of nature so they are helpful to each other.
Ayurvedic medicine and philosophy originated and developed in South Asia. Ayurveda is the original source of medicinal knowledge and it is compatible with human physiology
Systematic learning and practical knowledge can explore the inner power of students.
Good academic environment, correct aptitude and attitude should be maintained.
Knowledge is nave subject to diminishing return.
Modern approaches along with Classic Ayurveda knowledge like Nadi-Vigyan, Pancha Karma will be incorporated.
Technology can help to enrich knowledge.